Catalyst HTI

Location: RINO Denver, CO
Size: 250,000 square feet

Scope of Work

Common area lounge, cafes, phone rooms, & conference rooms on levels 1, 2, 3, & 7
Co-working space on 4th floor includes: 36 benching stations, 60+ private offices, 20+ collaborative zones and large cafe


Anna Bogler, The Lost Pleiad

Jordan Thomason, Davis Partnership

Dean Koelbel, Koelbel Development


Catalyst HTI was designed to provide a community for healthcare innovation. Paramount to the programming of the entire building was a strong sense of health, wellness, and connection. Anna Bogler was drawn to West Elm Work as a key stakeholder in the project for its ability to humanize the workplace and create inspiring environments. Inspired by the distinct nature of West Elm Work, Merchants worked hard to carry a similar distinct feel throughout the rest of the building. This included leaning on local furniture craftsmen like Dan Sjogren of Sjotime Industries to design inspired tables and pieces throughout the building.


Location: RINO Denver, CO
Size: 250,000 square feet