Location: Denver, CO
Size: 23,000 square feet

Scope of Work

Boardroom & Conference Tables, Workspace & Conference Seating, Collaborative & Lounge Seating, Training Rooms, Community Flex Space and Accessories


Tryba, Task PM and Boots Construction


Training room

Critical Issues: Maximum flexibility with power, data, and video connection. Small storage space. Wire managements. High end look.

Resolution: We customized the training tables to create the optimum size, power/data/video, and ease of use. Some tables can flip while other can be knocked down for tight storage.

Comfortable / Functional / High End Lounge

Critical Issues: In each lounge location we needed a very high-end residential look without sacrificing all the power/data/video needs.

Resolution: We specified custom lounge pieces to achieve a large comfortable sectional sofa while integrating technology. We included laptop tables and coffee tables with integrated technology.


Location: Denver, CO
Size: 23,000 square feet