Mike Ward Maserati

Project Overview

The Mike Ward Maserati, Alfa Romeo and Fiat dealership, in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, near Denver, houses all three brands under one roof. It opened in August 2016 and features separate showrooms dividing the Maserati and Alfa Romeo brands from the Fiat line. Because of brand standard requirements and related specifications, particularly those of Maserati, both showrooms needed to have a distinct look but also remain cohesive with one another across the building. When it came to selecting furniture, owner, Mike Ward, required an ergonomic sit-to-stand feature throughout. The Italian brand standards for furniture initially meant an expensive custom design for Maserati, but Ward wanted something slightly different and more economical. Merchants proposed Gunlocke for the 17 private offices and multiple lounge, collaborative areas. Gunlocke was willing to offer custom design with a sit-to-stand solution that wouldn't break the budget and would deliver within a 5 week lead time.

Location: Highlands Ranch, CO
Size: 5,500 square feet

I believe in the health benefits of standing and the idea of giving people in the sales and service departments that option instead of sitting all day. Gunlocke was a designated brand, had the right finish color and was what we needed. Everything turned out great.

Mike Ward